Important for Authors

1. Rules of publication
The quarterly is a place where we publish the works of:
– academic staff of NCU,
– academic staff of other educational institutions,
– experts in the subject areas covered by the quarterly,
– students, Ph.D. candidates.

Please read our editorial requirements.

2. Stages of publication
Publishing stages:
1. formal assessment – decision upon qualification,
2. The articles shall be subject to the anonymous scientific review
2a. The Editorial Team accepts or rejects other pieces of writing.
2b. The reviewer recommands publication of articles. The decision upon publication is accepted or rejected by the Editor-in-Chief.
3. The information upon publication and the issue of publication shall be provided electronically to the Author by the Secretary.
4. The submitted Works undergo editorial correction.
5. The decision upon the publication of an issue shall be made by the Scientific Council by an oridinary majority of votes. The decision shall be accepted or rejected by the Editor-in-Chief.

We do not send back the submitted works.

3. Do you want to include graphic in your work?
The drawings, photos, graphs, maps and other graphic representations which are intended to be inserted into the article should be:
– sent in a separate file,
– numerated in accordance with the order in which they appear in the text,
– named with the titles under which the graphics should appear in the text.
It is also necessary to indicate the source of a graphic and to enclose the author’s declaration that the graphic element does not infringe the rights of third parties.