Members of Editorial Team

Who is the member of the Editorial Team?

Beata Marek

A law graduate on Nicolaus Copernicus Universitas, Torun. She is a graduate of a postgraduate studies „Protection of Classified Information and Personal Data” on Universitas Cardinalis Stephani Wyszyński, Warsaw.

Lawyer-practice specializing in providing services to companies in the TMT sector (Technology, Media, Telecommunications).

She is active participant and coordinator of many projects, the speaker at conferences and training, and the author of the numerous publication. She is actively working in many associations related to information security in the country and abroad. In spare time she shares her thoughts on blog  „„.

She is coordinator of many research projects, speaker of conferences and author of publications.

Daria Gęsicka
Assistant Editor-In-Chief

A Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil Law and International Economic Exchange at the Faculty of Law and Administration NCU in Torun. She is a laureate of prof. Jan Białocerkiewicz for the best magisterska thesis (MA thesis equivalent).

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration NCU as well as the English Department at the Faculty of Languages NCU. She is a member of the students’ scientific group – the Interdisciplinary Students’ Group of Intangible Goods (IKDN).

She is an author of numerous publications on intellectual property law. She has participated in multiple conferences and research projects.

Her interests include copyright, press, trademark, competition law and e-commerce.

Szymon Ludwiczak

A fourth-year law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration NCU in Torun. He is a scholarship LLP-ERASMUS Program in 2012/2013 on University of Göttingen. 

Szymon is interested in the protection of personal rights, cybercrime, ius internet, electronic evidence and criminal law tax.