Content and look

1. What are we going to write about?

The main focus of the quarterly is on the ICT law and cybersecurity. Articles submitted to our quarterly can cover various branches of law and may represent different perspectives, either taken by the academia or practicing lawyers as well as experts in economics and computer sciences.

We are particularly interested in: e-commerce, e-service, cybercrime,  internet torts,  personal data protection and privacy, biometry, copyright law, protection of a database, media and advertising law, internet law, telecommunications law, industrial property law.

2. How does our quarterly look like?
The quarterly consists of an ad hoc chosen sections. The usual structure is the following:
a) Current information
b) Articles (undergo anonymous scientific review)
– glosses,
– feature articles,
– reviews,
– reports,
– interviews.

We publish in polish and english language.

The official site:

Registry numbers: Pr 337 | ISSN: 2300-2069

3. Our work schedule